Hello-my name is Betty Nelson and I am the Director of Marketing and Development for our hospital, clinic and Foundation.

If you have known me for very long, then you know that I am passionate about local health care and our history. I am 'connected' through family and work history-I was born into it! I remember Esther Bergin, Ruth Keller, DD Fuller, Mabel Holder, Mae Walline, Malcolm Murfitt and Marie Muller because I worked with them. I remember when Rhonda Finney was a CNA, just out of high school-and how she worked to become an LPN, then an RN, and has now been with LCH for 27 years.

Once presumed to be the norm, having a local hospital is becoming an option community members must choose to support. I am committed to seeing that the Lindsborg Community Hospital is here for the people of the Smoky Valley for years to come. I believe in what we do every day: providing high quality, personalized healthcare.

Since the very beginning, our mission is reflected in our heritage: "Partners caring for the health of the Smoky Valley communities". Partners. A simple word that becomes a powerful force with your contribution.

Partnerships, like charitable gifts, come in all shapes and sizes. It is a handshake in the hall or a contract to improve diagnostic imaging. It is a pledge to use donations wisely to improve patient services or provide staff with the means to accomplish the task of providing quality health care.

Charitable gifts have helped sustain Lindsborg Community Hospital since our beginning in 1946. Your gifts provide us with the means to re-invest in the future health care of the Smoky Valley people.

Please don't underestimate the importance of your donation of any size! Every gift is valuable because they come from people like you: People who want to give as much as they can to help make certain we will continue to be your hospital. Will you join me in supporting our mission by making a contribution?

Thank you for being our partner.

Most sincerely,


785-227-2911, ext 237



Foundation Board of Directors

Andy Carlson, President
Sue Dahlsten, Vice President
Sharon Palmquist, Secretary
Greg Lundstrom,Treasurer
Sharon Bruce
Marilyn Malm
Ron Michael
Karl Esping
Ervalene Johnson


The Foundation is an independent corporation, organized to raise funds for the sole benefit of LCH. The Foundation serves as the steward of philanthropic gifts that help to assure a strong future for the hospital.

Foundation expenses are kept to a minimum by the volunteer efforts of a dedicated Board of Directors.

We invite you to join our community of donors. Your gift will help ensure that the needs of our hospital are met and that our "hometown" hospital will be here for you and those you care about far into the future.


Memorial gives celebrating the life of a loved one, or honoring a special person or couple is an excellent way to pay tribute and perpetuate their memory.

The Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, publicly supported organization, not a private foundation. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Additional information about giving opportunities is available by contacting Betty Nelson, Director of Marketing and Development.

Lindsborg Community Hospital