As employees of Lindsborg Community Hospital, we share a common bond defined by our mission statement: "Partners caring for the health of the Smoky Valley communities". Our core values give us guidance and clarity in our everyday decision-making process to ensure we provide our patients with the best possible care. All members of the Lindsborg Community Hospital family believe in and practice these Core Values:


We put the patient first in everything we do. Regardless of what department we work in, we remember that caring for the individual patient and his or her family is at the heart of our beliefs and values.


We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty, transparency and sincerity. Through our words and actions, we strive to earn the complete trust of our patients, their families, our community, and our co-workers. We strive seek to do the right things in our day-to-day lives.


We know and accept the responsibility of being part of an organization that depends on us to fulfill a great mission. There may be times when we're called upon to put our patients and our facilities needs above our own and we do that because we truly care.


We treat all people with honesty, courtesy and kindness with no exceptions. All employees are encouraged to express opinions and ideas without the concern of retribution or retaliation. We are tolerant of differences and considerate of others feelings when working through conflicts with others.


We act in the best interest of those we care for with empathy for their situation. We strive to restore order to the lives of others while controlling and understanding our own personal feelings.


We can only achieve our mission and goals by communicating and working together. Through the collective and coordinated efforts of our staff, we apply our talents, backgrounds, ideas and experiences to create solutions that benefit our patients. We recognize that the success of our facility far outweighs any individual success.