Dr. Mark Wiles, M.D. and JourneyMed Services

Betty Nelson

January 2013

The process has begun to replace the services of JourneyMed, the locum tenens group founded by owner Dr. Mark Wiles, MD, which has provided weekend hospital and emergency coverage for two years.

In a letter to the Administrator, Larry Van Der Wege, Dr. Wiles provided 90-days notice "with a heavy heart". [letter is shared with the editor for validation] The letter, posted on the hospital's Facebook page, was first shared with staff members at Wiles' request, as a way to "express his appreciation of serving LCH."

Wiles and JourneyMed also provide medical staff for urgent care, which was recently expanded from one to two days, and provide the care and direction for hospital patients from 8 am on Saturdays until 8 am on Mondays, and ER coverage until 6 pm on Mondays. The concept of using locum tenens physician for weekend services was the solution developed to provide weekend relief to staff physicians while improving access to care for patients.

Dr. Wiles has accepted the position of Executive Medical Director for Immanual Pathways, a faith-based eldercare PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) in Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA. Wiles indicated in his letter "Accepting this [Executive Medical Director] position combines my passion and skills within a Christian mission-oriented setting with excellent benefits for my family."

"We are grateful to Dr. Wiles for his contributions and dedication to our organization and the patients we serve. We are confident that Immanuel Pathways will benefit from his leadership. This news came as a surprise but we have immediately started developing options for continued weekend coverage", stated Van Der Wege.

JourneyMed's decision does not affect the locum tenens coverage provided by Docs Who Care in the hospital and Family Health Care Clinic. Docs Who Care will continue to provide locum coverage in the clinic and hospital until full time family practice physicians are hired.