New Employee - Jerry Hall

January 2013

Jerry Hall, RT , has joined the staff of Lindsborg Community Hospital. A registered radiology technologist, Jerry is in the process of relocating from Loveland, CO.

Jerry and his wife, Jean, have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren and were interested in being geographically closer to their family in both the Kansas City area and Ohio. Jean, the CFO and VP of Financial Operations for the United Way of Larimar County, CO will be joining Jerry as they wrap up packing and the sale of their Colorado home.

Radiology is a second career for Jerry, having enjoyed a career in mental health counseling near Kansas City for many years before moving to Colorado. He comes with over seven years experience in radiology, and would like to see an increase in floursoscopy services performed at LCH. He is working on receiving CT registry.

Radiology Director Anna Anderson says "Jodie (Miller) and I are thrilled to have Jerry join our team. He brings excellent patient-care skills and has a warm personality. He is a great addition not only to Radiology, but our hospital and the Lindsborg community."