Lindsborg Community Hospital Facebook Post Goes Viral

A post on the Lindsborg Community Hospital's Facebook page has gone 'viral'!

Carylee Nelson, RN, Marquette, is the triage nurse at the hospital's Family Health Care Clinic, and has been employed by the hospital for 28 years. Nelson's "random act of kindness" was shared by a patient wanting people to know just how much she appreciated the action.

Here's the story as it appeared:

"Today a woman named Judy stopped me in the hall and asked if she could tell me a story about one of our nurses. I have Judy's permission to share this story. Just a couple of weeks after major surgery, Judy found herself in line at the Salina WalMart. Feeling okay one moment, the next moment found her not feeling at all well. Carylee Nelson, RN, longtime clinic nurse, just happened to be in line behind Judy and asked if she was okay--to which Judy replied "No". Carylee helped Judy to a place to sit down, comforted her, and when she was better, Carylee followed her to her car and loaded her purchases into Judy's car. It wasn't until Judy was nearly at the Lindsborg exit when she believed she was being followed. Arriving at her home, Carylee pulled in behind her in the driveway, helped Judy into her home and unloaded her groceries. We think that is a definite "Above and Beyond". And Judy wants everyone to know just what a difference that made! Thanks, Carylee!"

In less than 24 hours, the story had been viewed nearly 55,000 times and received 2890 "likes". By the end of the week, there were nearly 80,000 views, more than 4000 had clicked the "like" icon and more than 240 people had "shared" the story on their personal Facebook page.

"Judy" is local resident Judy Hedgepath (Kisor).

Comments from Kansas, Maryland, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and other states echoed common themes: Gratitude for a 'feel good' story and recognition from an employer for going 'above and beyond'; the belief that angels are everywhere; and finally, "Nurses rock!"

In a follow-up interview near the end of the week, Judy and Carylee are both overwhelmed by the comments, prayers and comments posted. Those that know Carylee say that this doesn't seem to be a aberration for her, but rather a definition of who she is.

"I love this hospital, and I want people to know how lucky we are to have it", Judy said. "Carylee is responsible for making an appointment for me when I was here with a family member, and she was concerned that I was ill. Because of that action, I can say that this place has saved my life not once, but twice. I don't believe that anything 'just happens.' God puts us all in a certain place at a certain time, and Carylee was there for me".