LCH/LRHC to Upgrade CT

Lindsborg News Record, May 2011

The Boards of Directors of the Lindsborg Community Hospital and Lindsborg Rural Health Clinic has approved the purchase of a 16-slice CT (computerized tomography) scanner.

"This is great news for the people of the Smoky Valley communities and the patients we serve", commented CEO Larry Van Der Wege. "It is a major investment that will enable us to continue to provide the standard of care our patients deserve."

The new CT should be installed in August.

As a critical access hospital, this diagnostic tool is becoming the standard for small rural hospitals. A single slice CT scanner takes one slice or image as the X-ray beam makes a complete rotation around the patient. A 16 slice CT scanner can take up to 16 slices or images in one rotation, providing impressive, detailed diagnostic images in a fraction of the time.

Extensive research by the Director of Radiology, Jeremy Rabe, RT, revealed vast differences in cost and services from several manufacturers. One well-known benefit of the 16 slice CT scan is reduced radiation exposure to the patient. The upgrade will potentially reduce the number of CTs repeated when patients are transferred from Lindsborg to a larger facility.

"Since the 1940's, the people of the Smoky Valley have chosen local healthcare and have supported the cost of building two new hospital buildings and the technological advances required to aid the physicians and professionals that work here", stated Betty Nelson, Director of Marketing and Development for the Lindsborg Community Hospital and Rural Health Clinic. We are confidant they will continue that support as we make another major financial commitment to provide the technology our patients deserve".