New CT Scanner Arrives at LCH

By Betty Nelson

Lindsborg News Record, August 2011

The new CT scanner has arrived and is in place at the Lindsborg Community Hospital! Up and running for nearly two weeks, Jeremy Rabe, RT(R) , Director of Radiology for LCH/LRHC, has been busy directing the removal of the former single slice scanner, preparing the site for the installation and coordinating the preliminary training for his staff.

The LCH/LRHC Boards of Directors approved the purchase in May. On August 11, private contractors from Wichita were on-site to remove the hospital's 10 year old scanner and prepare it for shipment to Hong Kong. The buyer, who flew to Wichita from Hong Kong, was on-site to make certain it was transported and adequately prepared for overseas shipment with care. Chinese re-sellers often acquire older model CT scanners to refurbish or purchase for parts.

The new computed tomography scanner was delivered on Saturday, August 13th, and the first CT scans were performed on the 17th. While the fundamental operation of the new CT is similar to that of the previous CT, the experience of the patient and the results for the physician are the most remarkable. The 16 slice CT will take up to 16 slices, or images, in a single rotation to provide impressive, detailed diagnostic images in seconds.

CT technology is one of the indispensable tools in diagnostic medicine. CT provides views from inside the body and areas that cannot be visualized by standard X-ray exams. CT scans will detect strokes, head injuries, herniated discs and abscesses. CT test results are used to diagnose changes in various organs, provide early diagnosis of lung and intestinal cancer, locate fractures and determine the extent of bone and soft tissue damage in trauma patients.

Patients will recognize shorter exam times and up to 68% less radiation exposure in routine exams and physicians will visualize a much more detailed scan, providing images that will result in more accurate diagnosis. The new scanner will provide the opportunity for more diagnostic exams to be provided close to home, and an added convenience to patients undergoing cancer or other therapeutic treatment for disease processes requiring more frequent CT exams.

The Radiology Department at Lindsborg Community Hospital and Rural Health Clinic schedules CT scans Monday through Friday, and performed with a physician referral. Radiology staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to Rabe, the department is staffed by Jodie Miller and Anna Anderson, both registered diagnostic medical sonographers and radiology technologists. Anderson, a Lindsborg native, has recently joined LCH/LRHC from Salina Regional Health Center's imaging department.