LCH Laboratory Introduces New Technology

Lindsborg News Record, February 2011

The Lindsborg Community Hospital laboratory department announces the purchase of a CoaguChek® XS system. Purchased with a grant from the Smoky Valley Community Foundation and a gift from a patient, the CoaguChek provides valuable time and cost savings for the hospital, but more importantly, may be less painful for patients that may be candidates for this improved testing method.

"For the patient that requires frequent, specific blood tests because of certain illnesses and treatments, it will be so much nicer for our patients and lab staff to have this option. We are grateful to the Smoky Valley Community Foundation and the individual that made this piece of equipment a reality for the hospital lab," commented Betty Nelson, Director of Marketing and Development.

In the past, all patients requiring PT/INR testing (prothrombin "protime" /International Normalized Ratio) required venipuncture, meaning a vein was punctured with a needle and blood was drawn. While technically satisfactory, many patients do not have "good" veins and may require being 'stuck' more than once. Discomfort is the foremost thought, but a risk of infection exists any time there is an invasive procedure. The CoaguChek requires a quick, simple finger stick.

While testing can be less painful and potentially preferred to venipuncture, CoaguChek needs just one drop of blood. It will provide accurate and precise results in one minute, allowing physicians an easy and efficient way to obtain results quickly. The result is improved patient safety, comfort and convenience.

CoaguChek technology helps ensure patient comfort, accurate results and offers the flexibility and control that healthcare professionals need to confidently manage a wide range of anticoagulated patients. Lindsborg Community Hospital is grateful to the Smoky Valley Community Foundation and the private donor who made it possible.