The generosity of one anonymous charitable organization has funded free Certified Nursing Assistant classes at LCH and Bethany Home since June 2002. The organization's goal is to educate 1000 CNAs. With the completion of the four sessions in 2017, the number of CNAs completing the course stands at 776. The application process is now open for 2018 classes. This is a competitive process and all applications must be received NO LATER than March 14th to be considered.

The application process is closed for 2018 classes. The 2019 scholarship applications will be posted in January of 2019.


For students in pursuit of a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), this scholarship is funded through the generosity of the family of Richard and Norma Korbe. A retired registered nurse, Norma was a staunch advocate for the recruitment and education of people considering nursing—especially rural nursing-- as a career. She retired from the Lindsborg Community Hospital after 27 years of service in 1996. The Korbe Family Nursing Scholarship will provide a $1000 Scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic. Applications are open to Smoky Valley High School seniors or alumni in their freshman or sophomore year of college. Applications must be received on or before5 pm on April 10, 2018 to be considered.

The scholarship application process is closed for 2018.


The Lindsborg Hospital Auxiliary is sponsoring a $500 scholarship to a Smoky Valley High School Senior. The scholarship is intended to benefit an individual seeking to further their knowledge base in health care by working toward a degree or certification not currently held. To be considered, all applications are due April 10th, 2018.

The application process is closed for 2018.


Jordan Heimer had just completed coursework and had begun to work in healthcare before his death in 2007. A student of Smoky Valley High School, Jordan would have graduated with the Class of 2008. His family believed his Certified Nurse Aide training made a difference in his life, as he learned to assist in the care of the residents of Bethany Home, where he was employed. This scholarship has been established to honor his memory and will offer support to students pursuing a career in any allied healthcare field. One $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to a Smoky Valley High School Senior enrolling in any college, vocational/technical school, or trade school to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Application must be received on or before April 10, 2018 to be considered.

The application process is closed for 2018.


This scholarship is supported by the family and friends of Mae Walline, an RN who loyally served the Lindsborg Community Hospital for decades. The goal is to provide funding to support healthcare education for technical school, college hours or post-graduate hours. Applications are open to RNs, LPNs and CNAs who are employees of the Lindsborg Community Hospital or Bethany home to further their nursing careers, OR to Smoky Valley High School seniors and alumni seeking a career in nursing or other healthcare field. Preference will be given to nursing applicants. The successful applicant will be an individual exemplifying excellence in nursing OR the applicant who successfully illustrates a commitment and passion to enter the health care arena. Applications are due before the close of business on April 10, 2018.

The application process is closed for 2018.