Patient Portals

There are two different patient portals that are available and that will be used if you wish to access your healthcare information. Portal access is different based on where you received your healthcare services.

Hospital Portal

My Health Portal is an online service of Lindsborg Community Hospital. The service grants hospital patients access to their latest lab and x-ray test results, prescription lists, billing information, physician progress notes, discharge summaries and upcoming appointments. Proxy access also may be given so that parents, guardians, spouses and other caretakers can use the portal to manage care for a loved one. The portal contains information dating back to April 1, 2014. All portal passwords are encrypted and URLs are re-written to keep this information protected.

Clinic Portal

The Family Health Care Clinic Patient Portal allows electronic communication between you and your providers at the Family Health Care Clinic. This internet-based patient portal is a secure, confidential and easy-to-use website giving patients 24-hour access to review health information sent from your physician's office. The portal is brand new in May, 2015. You will receive an email invitation to join the Clinic portal. If you have not responded within the 30 days allowed, or have not received an invitation, call the clinic to request an invitation at 785-227-3371.